West Coast Home

Vancouver, BC

Backyard storage building with bi-fold door

This beautiful West Coast property was the inspiration for both its home design and the need to retain that view while inside the property’s structures. This project was no ordinary garage, but rather a motor vehicle elevator that required remote access with auto-locks and no obstructions inside the building to ensure it could properly operate. There was a clear vision to what the building needed from the door, and we were excited to jump into the project. 

The home owner and architect chose a bi-fold door instead of a traditional overhead door to allow for unimpeded clearance inside the building. He was also looking for the space to mimic the landscape and allowed for a fully glazed application. Working with Mike from Creative Doors allowed us to ensure that the vision was achieved, and that each component of the build was being met. 

We created a unique mounting frame similar to the style used on the Comery Block (a restaurant in Calgary, AB with 6 custom bi-fold doors).  This would become an inset door, so that once the glazing was applied, the door would be flush to the exterior.

We were also able to tie in the property’s security system in addition to doors security features, creating even more security for the building. 

Mike and his team installed the doors seamlessly and we look forward to working with them again on their next project on this property.

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Vancouver home garage with bi-fold doors