Public Works Building

Surrey, BC

Public Works Building in Surrey BC

The Public Works building in Surrey BC gave us the opportunity to again partner with creative architects in fabricating this functional and intentionally designed project. Working with the architectural team gave us the advantage in ensuring their vision for the door design was brought to fruition, while taking stress off the building owner. 

The sharing of information, drawings and plans with their team, allowed us to create an aesthetically pleasing structure that will last for decades.  This included exterior options that would serve as a source of natural light for their teams, and create the aesthetic look they were after. 

Being fully customizable, we are able to meet each piece of design criteria. Our polycarbonate clear panels allowed us to meet their fire code and energy efficiency while enabling an abundance of natural light for each unit.

The frames provided for each door act as a structural component to the overall structure, only adding to its integrity and longevity.  The public works staff are on call to maintain a number of public assets around the city, so we worked with their architect to ensure that their building was one that would last for decades to come.

The project came together well, and the finished product is both stunning and functional to the teams its serves. 

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Public Works Building