Outdoor Commons

Forks Market, Winnipeg, MB

Outdoor Commons store front

Working closely with the Architect (Aaron Pollock from Number Ten Architectural Group), together brought his vision to life—a wall with a hidden door.  This door would open up to the Brewery, but when closed would function as a feature wall.  

Additionally, the wall, when open, would double in function creating both an open atmosphere and acting as a canopy or overhang for those serving on the patio.  The degree of the door when open match the degree of the already installed overhang, creating a seamless visual. When working with the existing degree of the canopy, we needed to ensure precise measurements and operation with minimal tolerances. 

The top mount drive-system both prevented any obstructions on the interior (allowing the door to operate without interfering with interior coolers or counters) while keeping the mechanical parts of the doors operation a good distance from the public to ensure safety. 

We created a custom frame allowing for a specific exterior finish to be attached. The custom support frame provided with the door also allowed for a quick and seamless installation.  This addition to the Forks Market space was both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional in creating a flex space for the public to enjoy.

Outdoor Commons in The Forks, Winnipeg

Open for Business! Convert a wall into a overhang.

During business hours have the door create a functional overhang opening your business to the public. After hours, feel safe your business is closed up and your merchandise is secure. Depending on the exterior finishing, your door can appear as a seamless wall.

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Outdoor Commons in The Forks, Winnipeg