London Belle

Salt Lake City, UT

London Belle in Salt Lake City

We were approached by the General Contractor of a renovation project for what would be the London Belle in Salt Lake City.  They were looking for a vertical lifting window that would open to the street, creating an outdoor experience for their guests indoors, as well as increasing their presence for those passing by.  

The London Belle carries a rich history in Salt Lake City, so in hearing the vision for the location, and the way in which it would include a touch of its history, we know this project would be interesting by creating a structural solution, but also highly rewarding in bringing the design into a functioning feature. 

Having a clear picture of their vision, our engineers were quick to design a custom mounting frame that would be affixed to the existing structure.  This inset frame allowed for the exterior glazing to sit flush to the exterior of the building, creating a perfect fit both inside the location (as the door was closed) and on its exterior. 

Additionally the oversized door frame was designed to hold the large picture windows without deflection in the open position.  The frame was designed to keep with the supper clubs rustic industrial look, and would be a seamless and structural component in the build. Its semi-gloss black colour matched both the glazing on the frame as well its interior decor. 

We added the keyed up/down/stop switch to ensure only authorized personal could operated the door, and ensuring the safety of the premises through this access point.  The project was a success and we are proud to see it featured in this thriving business.

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London Belle in Salt Lake City