Comery Block

Calgary, AB

Comery Block in Calgary Alberta

The Comery Block came with a unique set of challenges; the vision was more than the brownstone building could support on its own. We needed to make sure that we built supports for 6 doors to open up one and a half walls, creating an open concept patio when the weather permitted. With a tight timeline as the Calgary Stampede week was fast approaching, we had a custom steel header and supporting columns integrated with the door to support the weight and act as a structural component to the location. This header and column also allowed them to inset the frame, creating a flush exterior look. 

We worked directly with the subcontracted glazing company to ensure our custom door frame matched the glazing design, and accounted for its 26.5 lb/sqft weight (which was 3X heavier than typical glazing). The door and glazing needed to work together to create a thermal break from colder weather in the winter months. Additionally, keyed up/down/stop switches were installed in each door to eliminate tampering or operation without permission. A top-mounted driveline system ensured all moving parts were out of reach from the public. 

The restaurant’s General Contractor had their team install the doors. After working through the procedure and instructions sent for the first door, the other 5 doors only took a couple of hours to install. They were very pleased with the quality of the door and simplicity of the installation, structural integrity and thermal efficiencies the doors provided for the space.

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Comery Block in Calgary Alberta