Our Doors

Every door is custom built to your exact size.

Virtually any type of exterior finish can be mounted to our door system.  Endless options are available in frame color, texture and paint type.

Maintenance shed bi-fold door interior

Our doors are engineered and designed to be one of the strongest in the industry. With multiple mounting methods, these doors can be inset, self supported or mounted directly to the face of virtually any building type. Each door is carefully crafted and assembled.

Safety is intentionally integrated into the design of each custom bi-fold door. A top mounted drive system, operational limit switches and keyed controllers all contribute to the safe use and function of an Evolve door system.

Each project is unique, so we offer doors that are design to include custom frame layouts and exterior finishes. Cedar plank, polycarbonate panels, glass glazing, Hardie board and steel grating are just a few of the materials available for custom application.

Evolve Door Systems offer a comprehensive


manufacture warranty


lifetime warranty on all hinge bushings


guarantee on lift cables

Our doors are engineered to last.


Complete Prewired Door Assembly

  • ZERO onsite electrical connections required on the door frame.
  • Door controller, limit switches and electric motor are preinstalled and factory tested.
  • Watertight junction box is supplied for control wire connections.
  • Provides colour coded labeling for simple installation of photoelectric sensors and up/ down/stop control station.

Electrical Enclosure

  • UL 325/ CSA 22.2 certified.
  • Control box meets NEMA 4/4X/12 and IP65 specifications.
  • Watertight enclosure minimizes environmental effects helping reduce any potential moisture related electrical issues.
  • Equipped with auto-resetting drive motor overload.
  • Factory wired and tested.
  • All electrical components pre-set to factory specification.
garage using evolve door with classic car and boat inside


Maintenance Free Hinges

  • The unique hinge bushing design eliminates hinge creaking and screeching, while functioning smoothly. They are greaseless and maintenance free.

Rollers / Bearings

  • These industrial grade double sealed bearings provide a continuous smooth operation and giving you the longest lasting roller in the industry.

Lift System

  • The driveline system provides a low maintenance, smooth operating lift motion. This is enabled by a unique offset lift cable that prevents the cable from overlapping. These highly specialized cables utilize an extremely fine weave and fiber core for excellent flexibility and exceptional lifespan. This allows the system to better distribute weight loads and extend the life of the lift components.

Standard Control

  • The master up/down/stop controller is wired directly into the doors electrical box. This controller can be positioned on either side of the door, mounted to the building. The controller comes pre-wired from the factory in our standard sealed NEMA 4/12, CSA/ UL approved controller. Keyed, remote or keyless entry controls are available as an optional upgrade.

Photo Electric Safety Sensors

  • The photo electric safety sensors prevent the door from closing if any obstacles are present within the doors opening. They come standard and are required by code with every remote package. These safety sensors can be used in multiples to create a photo curtain. This option is highly recommended for commercial and public buildings.

Auto Lock

  • The auto lock system consists of an independent electric motor to lock and unlock the door. It is governed by a set of limit switches which are preset in the factory. This system is installed and wired from the factory. The door will automatically lock once the closed limit switch has been met or automatically unlock when the open button is pressed.

Remote & Wireless Control (optional upgrade)

  • This package is available in two different remote types, a visor (3 button) or key chain (single button) remote. The auto lock system must be used in conjunction for a complete remote access door. This remote package comes with 2 transmitters, a receiver and necessary photo-eye sensors. Additional remotes are available and sold separately. The wireless keypad is an additional option to the remote package. This keypad is mounted to the exterior of the building allowing you to operate the door with a personal 4 digit security code.