Well Built and Designed for Life

Mar 3, 2020

Comery Block in Calgary Alberta

Planning a build, whether its a shop or a shopping mall, is a big task with many moving parts. Doors are a big piece of this puzzle; matching style or aesthetics with a quality operational system that will last for years. Dreaming is always an enjoyable step; planning out what could be, and with Evolve door systems, we bring those dreams to life. 


Ensuring that our door systems offer superior strength and added structural integrity is paramount. Every project is unique, so we offer multiple mounting options to suit the structure and create a visually stunning feature.  These mounting options can also be braced for a number of exterior applications, and have proven their strength in supporting windows, hardy board, cedar plank and a variety of custom glazing options.

Part of creating a structurally sound door system is assessing the weight load on the building itself. Our engineering team will ensure that the building is able to carry the weight of the door, but in several cases (especially brownstone retrofits) we design a frame that can accommodate for the additional weight.  


To accommodate for intended design, Evolve door systems can be mounted in a couple of different ways.  

  1. Inset Mount –  this option ensures the frame of the door is inset, making the exterior applications flush to the exterior of the building, giving an even look with clean lines. 
  2. Face Mount – this arrangement allows for the maximum in clearance openings.  This option would be well suited for spaces needing every inch of their interior building height. 
  3. Support Frame Mount  – these are custom built frames that add integrity to the structure. The frame is engineered to support the weight of the door system, allowing for oversized systems or the application of custom glazing options that can weigh as much as 3x standard loads.
  4. Mounting Frame – this mounting option is strictly used for mounting a door system and is not built with additions structural components. For use on any type of building, including steel, concrete and wood.

Frame Design

Frame construction is customizable and typically determined by the type of exterior finish selected. Painted with a durable two-part urethane, we ensure that the engineering and finish of each door system is exactly as specified. 

Working closely with you or your architect, Evolve bi-fold doors is committed to ensuring that your door is built exactly as you’ve envisioned. Let us help you transform your space with a bi-fold door from Evolve Door System. 

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