Natural Light

Feb 5, 2020

Comery Block in Calgary Alberta

LIGHT has become a big trend in todays architectural design. Studies have shown that bright and open spaces, whether in the home or place of business, bring natural light into your spaces and are beneficial to your health. Here are a couple of reasons why…

Vitamin D Boost

  • Vitamin D is also referred to as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ because we get most of our daily intake from absorbing vitamin D through our skin. While most of us are limited to the amount of time we spend outdoors in a day, Vitamin D is equally as beneficial through a window as it would be from sitting outside. Our customizable bi-fold door designs allow you access to sunlight with the doors open or closed with a full glass option.

Sunshine = Happiness

  • Natural light is very beneficial in cases of seasonally affective disorders. During the winter months most people find themselves arriving at work prior to sun up and leaving after it’s gone down or as it’s disappearing. This leaves us no time to soak in the necessary rays to keep our serotonin levels high enough to ward off symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Adding a glass bi-fold door to your office, shop or public building allows employees and clients the necessary access to natural sunlight throughout the day.

A Better Night’s Sleep

  • Studies have shown that office staff with more access to light exposure tend to have longer sleep durations and better quality sleep compared to those with less light exposure. Lack of sleep is linked to poor mental health which effects the quality of work, as well as the amount of days staff may request off during this season.  With proper natural light, you can create a statement in your office space, while offering a healthy environment for your staff to thrive in.

Say Goodbye to Fluorescent

  • Extended exposure to fluorescent lighting has been linked to numerous health concerns including migraines, eye strain, problems sleeping as well as stress or anxiety. With a glass insert or polycarbonate option, a bi-fold door offers a flood of natural sunlight to help eliminate these risks. You might not be able to say goodbye completely to fluorescent lighting, but by pairing them with natural sources, their harsh lighting is reduced, as is the negative effects they come with.

When planning a public building or home design, a lot of designers are taking these factors into account. We are seeing more and more the oversized window and door trend, and were loving the statements the features make, as well as the overall health the building contributes to for its inhabitants. We’re also seeing this trend with ground level restaurants and bars.   By converting an existing wall of windows into a multifunctional space by installing a bi-fold door can completely open the space and allow not only natural light in, but also  create an outdoor seating area for guests under the canopy protection of the open door. 

Ready to discover how an Evolve bi-fold door can enhance your commercial or residential project?  Our expert sales staff and engineers are ready to connect with your or your architectural team to plan the right door for your project.

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