How a Door is Created

Jan 2, 2020

Vancouver home garage with bi-fold doors

We take pride in our work and our process at Evolve Door Systems. We have perfected our method over 20 years through a number of different divisions and door applications.

Each door is custom built ensuring complete customer satisfaction. 

Understanding the clients’ vision for the door aesthetic, functionality and the environment it will be going into is where everything starts for us. Once we have had a chance to have this conversation with the client or the architect, we are able to create a Computer Aided Draft (CAD) model of the door to present back. This is where the client can adjust the frame member spacing, frame dimensions and mounting details. 

Once the initial design is approved the conversation is shifted to the exterior finish to ensure the frame can accommodate any mounting requirements. This is the stage where color, texture and finish type are selected. Our doors are 100% customizable so this is where the vision for the door really comes into play. We are able to accommodate for traditional siding or fully glazed doors. The final design is then created and ready for production. 

Production begins with the frame assembly. We weld the frame together and carefully grind everything down before it is sent in for blemish inspection. Once the frame has been approved through internal inspection it can then move into the sand blasting/painting phase. 

Once the door has cured for 72 hours, the electronics, lock system and drive system are carefully installed in the factory. Following this, the door is ready to be wrapped, crated and delivered to your location to bring your vision to life. 

With the option for completely customizable doors, our customers are able to truly capture their vision for the space. Whether the order is for one or multiple doors, our team will work with each customer or architect to make sure everything is done exactly how it was intended. Contact us today to see how Evolve Door Systems can transform your space. 

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